黄瓜视频人app破解版污Research Misconduct means fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research, or in reporting research results. Research misconduct does not include honest error or differences of opinion.


If you suspect, know or feel that anyone is or may be involved in research misconduct, then you can report it in one of the following ways:

  • Call the Division of Research Compliance and Global Support at (352) 392-9174 or the UF Compliance Hotline at 1-877-556-5356.
  • Contact the Research Integrity Officer, Terra DuBois, at (352) 392-9174 or the Assistant Research Integrity Officer, Cassandra Farley, at (352) 273-3052.
  • Email the Research Integrity Officer, Terra Dubois
  • Visit the Division of Research Compliance and Global Support in person located at 219 Grinter Hall
  • Complete the Online Report Form

After a research misconduct allegation is reported, there are three stages that could occur.

Pre-Inquiry Review常熟和优欣科技有限公司

The initial review of the allegation determines whether an inquiry is warranted. An inquiry is warranted if the allegation falls within the definition of research misconduct and is sufficiently credible and specific so potential evidence of research misconduct may be identified.


The initial review of the evidence determines whether an investigation is warranted. An investigation is warranted if there is a reasonable basis for concluding an allegation falls within the definition of research misconduct, and preliminary information gathering and preliminary fact-finding indicates the allegation may have substance.


The formal review of the allegation determines whether research misconduct has occurred. An ad hoc investigation committee, who has sufficient expertise in the subject matter, performs the investigation.

The University of Florida’s Research Integrity Officer (RIO) is Terra Dubois.

Research Misconduct Policy凯里旺公吉有限公司

The University of Florida Research Misconduct Policy requires each individual faculty, staff member and student to maintain high ethical standards in the conduct and reporting of his/her scientific and scholarly research.

Faculty, staff, and students have a responsibility for ethical conduct in research—not only to the University and the academic community—but to the community at large and to private and public institutions sponsoring the research activities.

Should incidents of misconduct in research occur, reporting of such potential violations are not only a shared responsibility, but it is also a duty of the faculty, staff members and students.

The University of Florida Policy closely follows the Public Health Services Policies on Research Misconduct.

Research Misconduct Training马鞍山升永通设备有限公司

Training is available to all UF faculty, staff and students who would like to understand what is considered research misconduct.

Frequently Asked Questions九江福瑞茂服务有限公司

Will there be any repercussions to me if I report Research Misconduct?

To protect those reporting a potential research misconduct violation, the University Policy prohibits retaliation against persons who act in good faith and provide information concerning alleged misconduct. The University will not recriminate a person bringing an allegation in good faith.

Further, confidentiality is maintained throughout the inquiry or investigation of the alleged research misconduct to the greatest extent possible and consistent with the laws of the State of Florida and federal law.

However, because of the State of Florida Sunshine law, all records can become publicly available (upon request) at the end of the investigation.

For more information on reporting compliance concerns, please visit the University’s Compliance Website.